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Research Projects of → Anthropology Department

Project Title :
A Study on Child Trafficking In Odisha
Principal Investigator and Affiliation : Dr. Ratnawali, Reader
Co-Investigator and Affiliation :
Funding Agency : Odisha Police, Crime Branch, Cuttack.
Amount Sanction and Duration : Rs. 7,12,000/   -   2016
Project Proposal :

Trafficking of human being is a global phenomena, bringing in misery and umpteen suffering to the trafficked person. It refers to illegal and forceful confinement of individual for the purpose of exploitation. Globally nearly 3-5 million peoples are trafficked along international border annually and among them nearly 40 percent are minor (USAID 2004).

India has fast emerged as the place of source, transit and destination for human trafficking for forced labour and sex trafficking. Of them nearly 90% are internal trafficking comprising of people from disadvantageous social groups with poor economic background. Children of both sexes are at risk to trafficking for it is done for varied purposes. Yet girls are more vulnerable than boys and even infants are not spared. Over the years trafficking has turned out to be a very lucrative business with well developed and organized network.

Odisha while once considered being one of the most peaceful and safe states, has recently been emerged as one of the hotspot for the human trafficking. The state is currently experiencing a rising trend of Human trafficking which also include trafficking of children. In 2014, a total of 3,073 cases were reported from the state.

In the above context the study was undertaken with the objectives of understanding the various dimensions of child trafficking in odisha which will include socio economic factors responsible for trafficking of children, mode of operation, vulnerability of children and measures to protect, prevent and rehabilitation of children rescued from trafficking.

Twenty most vulnerable districts have been selected for the collection of data employing anthropological field research techniques. The study is likely to give insights into the child trafficking situation in the state.