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Academic Council-2017 Material

Notice Academic Council -2017 View
Agenda  Academic Council-2017 View
Appendix-A-I UG -Anthroology View
Appendix-A-II UG-Botany View
Appendix-A-III UG-Chemistry View
Appendix-A-IV UG-Commerce View
Appendix-A-V UG-Economics View
Appendix-A-VI UG-Education View
Appendix-A-VII UG-English View
Appendix-A-VIII UG-Geology View
Appendix-A-IX UG-Geography View
Appendix-A-X UG-Hindi View
Appendix-A-XI UG-History View
Appendix-A-XII UG-Home Science  View
Appendix-A-XIII UG-Library & Information Science View
Appendix-A-XIV UG-Mathematics View
Appendix-A-XV UG-Odia View
Appendix-A-XVI UG-Physics View
Appendix-A-XVII UG-Philosophy View
Appendix-A-XVIII UG-Political Science View
Appendix-A-XIX UG-Psychology Revised View
Appendix-A-XX UG-Sanskrit View
Appendix-A-XXI UG-Stastics View
Appendix-A-XXII UG-Sociology View
Appendix-A-XXIII UG-Santhali View
Appendix-A-XXIV UG-Zoology  View
Appendix-A-XXV UG-Environmental Science View
Appendix-A-XXVI M.Sc-Botany View
Appendix-A-XXVII M.Sc.-Chemistry View
Appendix-A-XXVIII M.A.-Economics View
Appendix-A-XXIX M.Sc.-Appled Geology View
Appendix-A-XXX M.A-Political Science View
Appendix-A-XXXI M.A.-Sociology View
Appendix-A-XXXII M.Sc.-Zoology View
Appendix-A-XXXIII B.A.-L.L.B. View
Appendix-A Regulation-I CBCS +3 Regulation View
Appendix-C-I-CBCS Syllabus Intimation View
Appendix-C-II-PG Semester View
Appendix-C-III- M.Com. View
Appendix-E-I- Syllabus M.Lib Sc View
Appendix-E-II-Syllabus PhD Course Work(Social Work) View
Appendix-E-III-Mark Distribution CBCS Geology View
Urgent Agenda-Academic Council-2017  View
Appendix  - A-XXXIV- M.A. in History syllabus  View
Appendix - C-IV - Syllabus for Urdu , Telugu - Bengali  View
 Appendix - C-V- Syllabus - NCC & Red Cross  View
 Appendix - C-VI-Syllabus- PG- Ayurveda  View
Appendix C-VII Syllabus M.Sc.Biotech., Bioinformatics & M.Ph View
Appendix – E- 4.Syllabus 1to 10 Sem . BALLB View
Appendix - E- 5- Syllabus -IPR View
Appendix – E-6.- syllabus M.Phil. Law View
Appendix – E-7- Modification in M.Phil. Odia Syllabus View
Appendix – E-8- Regulation-B. P Ed. View
Courses-of-Studies-for-M.A.-in-Sanskrit View
M.Sc.-Medical-Physics-Syllabus View
M.Sc.-Microbiology-Syllabus View
Syllabus for Agri Business Management View
Syllabus-for-3-years-Integrated-B.Ed.-M.Ed.-Course(Final)-15 View
Syllabus-for-MSc-Nanoscience_NEW View
Syllabus-for-MTech-Nanoscience_NEW View
Appendix-A-XXXV-UG Computer Science View