Hostel accommodation will be provided to students of P.G/M.Phil and Ph.D programme depending upon availability of seats in the hostels.

  1. Brahmaputra, Mahanadi, Bhagirathi and Satadru Hostels are for P.G. Students. In case of any vacancy M.Phil/Ph.D scholars may be allotted (at the discretion of the Warden) seats purely on temporary basis
  2. Mahodadhi Hostel is exclusively for M.Phil/Ph.D Scholars with a Fellowship and Teachers Fellows.
  3. Narmada, Silver Jubilee and Pravabati Devi Ladies Hostels are for all the female students irrespective of P.G/M.Phil/Ph.D Programme.


Reservation in various Hostels for SC and ST candidates is as per Rules, i.e. SC - 8% and ST -12%.

  1. SEAT RENT (Except Mohodadhi)

    Single Seated Room Rs.168/- per annum

    Multiple Seated Room Rs.120/- per annum

  2. SEAT RENT (Mahodadhi)

    Single Seated Room Rs.600/- per annum

    Double Seated Room Rs.300/- per annum

  3. The energy charges for Ph.D Scholars. Rs.1000/- per annum

The fees to be deposited in the hostel are as follows:

  1. Establishment fee Rs.300/- per annum
  2. Cultural fee Rs.300/- per annum
    This may increase if a hostel so decides.
  3. Hostel Caution money Rs.50/-
  4. Mess charges to be decided by the Hostels.
  • Central Library: e_Journal Facility
  • HealthCenter
  • Auditorium
  • Banks: State Bank of India with ATM facility and UCo Bank
  • Post Office
  • Buses for transportation for day scholar
  • Canteen
  • Nodal Computer Center