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Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Health care is one of the basic needs of an individual.

The Health Centre, Sambalpur University, JyotiVihar was established in the year 1972 with a Pharmacist and a Peon. The appointment of Medical Officer was donein the year 1973. From its inception it provides health services to the students, teachers and employees and their family members in the course of the time. Moreover, the Health Centre caters basic health services to the University members as well as to the people coming from the rural areas in the vicinity of the University Campus. Nowthe Health Centre is running with(1) Medical Officer, Dr. NirupamaPati, M.B.B.S., M.S. (E.N.T). (2) Store-Keeper cum Pharmacist, Mr. Dilip Kumar Ratha, who is in overall charges of the Health Centre under control of the Medical Officer.(3) Laboratory technician, MrJatiDevSahu who is monitoring the clinical Laboratory.

Existing Staff Position

1 Medical Officer 01
2 Store-Keeper cum Pharmacist 01
3 Lab. Technician 01
4 Staff-Nurse 01
5 Peon 01
6 Sweeper 01

Regular Healthcare Services

The Health Centre provides the most basic primary healthcare services to the students, teachers, employees and their family members and also to the people staying nearby area of the University campus. The average outdoor patients coming to the Health Centre is approximately 13000 per annum. There is an air conditioned Sunstroke care unit in the Health Centre that provides essential first aid service to the heat stroke patients during summer. We are taking special care of the ENT patients. Minor surgical interventions like repair of the fresh wounds, dressing, abscess drainage, removal of accessable foreign bodies are being done here. We have an Ambulance by which we are able to shift the serious patients to VIMSAR, Burla as and when necessary. The Health Centre also provides First Aid facilities during all outdoor activities like Convocation, Foundation Day, Sports etc. organized in the University.

Clinical Laboratory

There is a Clinical Laboratory in the Health Centre. Different types of basic clinical blood test as well as routine and microscopic tests of urine and stool are done regularly. Laboratory is equipped with Auto Analyzer and CBC machines based on recent advanced technology. Monitoring of blood sugar of diabetic patients is done regularly.

Dispensing Unit

The dispensing unit of the Health Centre plays a vital role in providing essential drugs to the beneficiaries free of cost. Time to time audit of requirements of drugs as per the need is done regularly. Special attention is given to the essential drug requirements of students.

Extension Programme

During covid pandemic, our Health Centre has done a commandable job by attending the infected patients in nearby isolation centre and also by educating the vulnerable groups to be isolated from the diseased. The Health Centre organized Covid-19 Vaccination Camp 3 times (3 to 4 days each) in the year 2021, during the peak period of Covid-19 contamination in collaboration with District Administration, Sambalpur.,Sambalpur Municipality Corporation, Sambalpur and CDMO, Sambalpur. The Health Centre in addition to its normal day to day health service organizes different Immunization Camps for Pulse Polio, Vitamin-A, Hepatitis-B etc. in collaboration with VIMSAR, Burla. and NAC, Burla. It also organizes Blood Donation Camps in collaboration with Blood Bank, VIMSAR, Burla., Rotary Club, Burla., Tyaga, Burla., SAMBAD, Sambalpur., and other Volunteer Organizations.


Health care counselling is an indispensable factor in promoting good health and well being. We provide counselling in terms of ways to promote a good health and prevent disease. Depression and anxiety related health issues of students are better handled by counselling


To conclude, the University Health Centre plays a pivotal role for the physical and mental health of the populations of the University.

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