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Research Papers of → Economics Department

  1. L. Mishra

    Economic and Environmental Analysis of Shrimp Farming in Chilika Lake, Indiah

    Management of Sustainable Development, Volume- 7(2) , 2015
  2. Dr. Sanjukta Das

    Inter-sector Allocation of Hirakud Dam Water: An Economic Analysis

    in Prakash, Anjal, Chanda Gurung Doodrich and Sreoshi Singh (ed) Informing Water Policies in South Asia, Routledge, India: 242-269. (Simultaneously published in Routledge, UK , 2014
  3. G.Mendali & S Das

    The effect of exchange rate variability on exports: The case of India.

    The Asian Economic Review Vol 56 (3) , 2014
  4. Das, S.& R. Seth

    Exclusion and Exploitation of the Migrant Workers in the Brick-Kiln: A Micro Study from a very Backward Region of Odisha

    Journal of Social and Economic Development Vol. 16 (2) , 2014
  5. Sarap, K., S. Das &M. Nagla

    Falling Sex Ratio and Health Deprivation of Women in India: An Interface between Resources, Culture and Gender,

    Sociological Bulletin, Journal of the Indian Sociological Society , 2013
  6. R.K.Kumbhar

    Structural legacy, inefficacy and weakening social securities: A study of NREGS in a panchayat in Odisha

    K.P. Kannan and Jan Breman (ed) The Long Road To Social Security: Assessing The Implementation Of National Social Security Initiatives For The Working Poor In India, Oxford University Press , 2013
  7. R.K.Kumbhar

    Agrarian Structure and Rural Poverty in India

    Labour and Development , 2013
  8. Dr. Sanjukta Das

    Morbidity, Household Spending and the Burden of Health Care on the Urban Poor in Orissa.

    Journal of Health Management , 2012