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Departments → Economics


  • Teacher
    Dr. Sanjukta Das
  • Designation
    Associate Professor and Head
  • Qualification

The Post-Graduate Department of Economics of the Sambalpur University started functioning since 1971 for teaching and research in Economics. The department offers M.A., M.Phil, and Ph.D. programmes in Economics and MBA in Finance. The department started with larger emphasis on economic theory with quantitative orientation. The quantitative orientation with Mathematical Economics and Econometrics enables the students to apply the theory into empirical analysis and understand the economic changes in a larger canvas of economic theory, historical observation and policy changes. Hence, it views teaching economic theory is not confined only to an intellectual exercise to draw a logical deduction and inference rather the department promotes the students and scholars to bridge the gap between theoretical economics and in its empirical application. The success of the department lies in its teaching and research. Students of this Department are well placed in most of the institutions of National and International repute. It is the Department for Research Support (DRS) sponsored by U.G.C. since last ten years. Faculties of this Department are involved in consultancy services needed by the Central Government, State Government and financial institutions and also in different research projects.

Sl.No Facilities Major Equipments availablet
1 Building-1 1
2 Teaching Labarotory 2
3 Research Laboratory 3
4 Cpmputer Labaratory 4