Research Projects of → Library & Information Science Department

Project Title :

Methodological Developments and Innovations in Social Science Research: An Assessment of the Research Methods Employed in the Disciplines of Political Science and Sociology
Principal Investigator : Dr. Jyotshna Sahu
Funding Agency : ICSSR, New Delhi
Amount Sanction and Duration : Rs. 1000000.00   -   March, 2016 to March, 2018
Present Status : Completed
Project Title :

Practices adopted by the faculties to Increase Research Impact, visibility and Citations of their research work: A Case study of the Universities in Odisha
Principal Investigator : Dr. Sabitri Majhi
Funding Agency : OURIIP OSHEC, Govt. of Odisha
Amount Sanction and Duration : Rs. 500000.00   -   30 April, 2022 to 29 April 2023
Present Status : In progress
Project Title :

Mapping the Dynamics of Research on ‘River Mahanadi’: A Scientometric Analysis
Principal Investigator : Prof. Bulu Maharana
Funding Agency : Sambalpur University
Amount Sanction and Duration : Rs. 40000.00   -   May 20228
Present Status : In progress