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Research Papers of → Life Science Department

  1. Behera, N. & Mishra, S.P.

    Forest diversity as the medicinal plant resource for Kandha tribe in orissa. Special issue of

    The Bioscan . pp.223-237 , 2009
  2. Garnayak, S.K., Mohanty,J. and Rao, T,V.

    Estradiol induced vitellogenin expressionin Asian catfish Clarias batrachus

    EMBL today-nonst- GQ385191 , 2009
  3. Naik, P. K. and Patel, A. K.

    Prediction of anticancer / non-anticancer drugs based on comparative molecular moment descriptors using artificial neural network and support vector machine.

    Digest Journal of Nanomaterials and Biostructures; 4(1): 19-43. , 2009
  4. Sahoo, S.; Behera, N.; Patel, A. K. and Dash, S

    Protozoa density and diversity in response to sewage fed irrigation in a tropical agro-ecosystem.

    The Bioscan; 3 (4): 383-386 , 2008
  5. S.Bohidar, M. Thirunavoukkarasu and T. V. Rao

    Propagation of Ruta graveolens L . by in vitro culture of nodal explants

    Indian j Plant Physiol, Vol 13, No 2. (N.S.) pp 125-129 , 2008
  6. S.Bohidar, M. Thirunavoukkarasu and T. V. Rao

    Antibacterial activity of Ruta graveolens

    Fitoterapia, L.Vol 7 pp 39-42 , 2008
  7. Sahoo S, Behera .N, Patel A. K.and Dash S

    Below ground biodiversity in response to sewage fed irrigation in a tropical agroecosystem

    The Bioscan ,3 (4) : 383- 386 , 2008
  8. Mishra, P.C., Behera N, Mishra, A.S.P. and Mishra, S.P.

    Ecological Enumeration of tree and vegetation and around Hirakid Township (Orissa) and strategy for future plantation programme

    The Ekologia.5 (1-2): 157-175 , 2008
  9. Mishra, S & N. Behera

    Amylase activity of a starch degrading bacteria isolated from a site receiving kitchen waste.

    African Jr. Biotechnology. 17(8): 3326-3336 , 2008
  10. Bohidar, S, Thirunavoukkarasu M, Rao, T.V.

    Effect of plant growth regulators on in vitro micropropagation of Garden Rue ( Ruta graveolens L.)

    International Journal of Integrative Biology, Vol 3, No 1, pp 36-43 , 2008
  11. Pradhan, MK, Nayak, L, Joshi, PN, Mohapatra, PK, Patro, L, Biswal B and Biswal UC

    Developmental phase-dependent photosynthetic responses to ultraviolet-B radiation: damage, defence, and adaptation of primary leaves of wheat seedlings

    Photosynthetica 46: 370-377 , 2008
  12. Biswal, B, Raval , M. K., Joshi PN, Biswal UC

    Response of photosynthetic organelles to abiotic stress: Modulation by sulphur metabolism

    In: Sulfur Assimilation and Abiotic Stress in Plants,(Eds. N.A.Khan, S.Singh and S.Umar, Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, pp. 167-191. , 2008
  13. Mishra,, SK, Patro, L, Mohapatra, PK, Biswal, B

    Response of rice leaves to flooding stress: The stress aggravates senescence induced loss in photochemical potential of photosystem II of the thylakoids Photosynthetica

    Photosynthetica 46:315-317 , 2008
  14. Nanda R. M and Biswal B

    Biotic Stress Induced Demolition of Thylakoid Structure and Loss in Photoelectron Transport of Chloroplasts in Papaya Leaves

    Plant Physiol. Biochem.46: 461-468 , 2008
  15. Mohapatra, P.K. and Kariali, E.

    Time of emergence determines the dominance pattern of rice tillers.

    Australian Journal of Crop Science1(2): 53-62 , 2008
  16. Kariali, E, Kuanar,S. and Mohapatra, P.K.

    Individual tiller dynamics of two wild Oryza species in contrasting habitats

    Plant Production Science, 11(3):355-360 , 2008
  17. Majumdar KN*, Banerjee A*, Ratha J*, Sarkar RN, Bhadra R and Saha KD:

    Leishmanial lipid suppresses inflammatory cytokines production and induces apoptosis in adherent synovial fluid cells of Rheumatoid Arthritis patients.

    Arthritis and Rheumatism March, 58(3): 696-706 , 2008