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Research Papers of → Life Science Department

S.N. Authors Title Journal Year
1 Behera, N. & Mishra, S.P. Forest diversity as the medicinal plant resource for Kandha tribe in orissa. Special issue of The Bioscan . pp.223-237 2009
2 Garnayak, S.K., Mohanty,J. and Rao, T,V. Estradiol induced vitellogenin expressionin Asian catfish Clarias batrachus EMBL today-nonst- GQ385191 2009
3 Naik, P. K. and Patel, A. K. Prediction of anticancer / non-anticancer drugs based on comparative molecular moment descriptors using artificial neural network and support vector machine. Digest Journal of Nanomaterials and Biostructures; 4(1): 19-43. 2009
4 Sahoo, S.; Behera, N.; Patel, A. K. and Dash, S Protozoa density and diversity in response to sewage fed irrigation in a tropical agro-ecosystem. The Bioscan; 3 (4): 383-386 2008
5 S.Bohidar, M. Thirunavoukkarasu and T. V. Rao Propagation of Ruta graveolens L . by in vitro culture of nodal explants Indian j Plant Physiol, Vol 13, No 2. (N.S.) pp 125-129 2008
6 S.Bohidar, M. Thirunavoukkarasu and T. V. Rao Antibacterial activity of Ruta graveolens Fitoterapia, L.Vol 7 pp 39-42 2008
7 Sahoo S, Behera .N, Patel A. K.and Dash S Below ground biodiversity in response to sewage fed irrigation in a tropical agroecosystem The Bioscan ,3 (4) : 383- 386 2008
8 Mishra, P.C., Behera N, Mishra, A.S.P. and Mishra, S.P. Ecological Enumeration of tree and vegetation and around Hirakid Township (Orissa) and strategy for future plantation programme The Ekologia.5 (1-2): 157-175 2008
9 Mishra, S & N. Behera Amylase activity of a starch degrading bacteria isolated from a site receiving kitchen waste. African Jr. Biotechnology. 17(8): 3326-3336 2008
10 Bohidar, S, Thirunavoukkarasu M, Rao, T.V. Effect of plant growth regulators on in vitro micropropagation of Garden Rue ( Ruta graveolens L.) International Journal of Integrative Biology, Vol 3, No 1, pp 36-43 2008
11 Pradhan, MK, Nayak, L, Joshi, PN, Mohapatra, PK, Patro, L, Biswal B and Biswal UC Developmental phase-dependent photosynthetic responses to ultraviolet-B radiation: damage, defence, and adaptation of primary leaves of wheat seedlings Photosynthetica 46: 370-377 2008
12 Biswal, B, Raval , M. K., Joshi PN, Biswal UC Response of photosynthetic organelles to abiotic stress: Modulation by sulphur metabolism In: Sulfur Assimilation and Abiotic Stress in Plants,(Eds. N.A.Khan, S.Singh and S.Umar, Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, pp. 167-191. 2008
13 Mishra,, SK, Patro, L, Mohapatra, PK, Biswal, B Response of rice leaves to flooding stress: The stress aggravates senescence induced loss in photochemical potential of photosystem II of the thylakoids Photosynthetica Photosynthetica 46:315-317 2008
14 Nanda R. M and Biswal B Biotic Stress Induced Demolition of Thylakoid Structure and Loss in Photoelectron Transport of Chloroplasts in Papaya Leaves Plant Physiol. Biochem.46: 461-468 2008
15 Mohapatra, P.K. and Kariali, E. Time of emergence determines the dominance pattern of rice tillers. Australian Journal of Crop Science1(2): 53-62 2008
16 Kariali, E, Kuanar,S. and Mohapatra, P.K. Individual tiller dynamics of two wild Oryza species in contrasting habitats Plant Production Science, 11(3):355-360 2008
17 Majumdar KN*, Banerjee A*, Ratha J*, Sarkar RN, Bhadra R and Saha KD: Leishmanial lipid suppresses inflammatory cytokines production and induces apoptosis in adherent synovial fluid cells of Rheumatoid Arthritis patients. Arthritis and Rheumatism March, 58(3): 696-706 2008