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Research Papers of → Law Department

  1. Dr. S.R.Mohapatra

    Judicial Review and the doctrine of Political Question

    International Journal of Legal Science and Research,ISSN-23947977 , 2015
  2. Dr. S.R.Mohapatra

    Cyber Crime in India: Issues and Challenges

    International Journal of Advance and Innovative Research,ISSN-23947780 , 2015
  3. Dr. S.R.Mohapatra

    Contemporary Legal Education in India: an Integrated Approach to meet Global Standards

    International Journal of Research in Management and Social science,ISSN-23220889 , 2015
  4. Dr. S.R.Mohapatra

    Live-in-Relationship in India: its Legal Perspective

    International Journal of Academic research,ISSN-23487666 , 2015
  5. Dr. S.R.Mohapatra

    Protection of Inter-State Migrant Workers: The Law and Its Efficacy

    Law Review,ISSN-2349-946X , 2015
  6. Dr. D.R. Mohapatra

    Social Responsibility: Experience of Indian Corporates, Towards Sustainable Development Through Corporate

    BIITM Business Review, ISSN-2250-1533 , 2015
  7. Dr. D.R. Mohapatra

    Role of Judiciary for the Social Security and Protection of Women Labour in India

    International Journal of Technical Research and Applications, e-ISSN 2320-8163, Impact Factor-4.39, I.C. value-5.79 , 2015
  8. Dr. D.R. Mohapatra

    Efforts of States towards Social Security of Workers in India

    International Research Journal of Social Sciences, ISSN 2319-3565,Impact Factor-0.564 , 2015
  9. Dr.S.R.Mohapatra

    Legislative Framework of Administration of Prisons in India: A Critical Appraisal

    International Journal of Research in Management and Social science,ISSN-23220889 , 2014
  10. Dr.S.R.Mohapatra

    Witch Hunting: a Tool of terrorisation Across the World and its Legal ramification

    Academic Research , 2014
  11. Dr.S.R.Mohapatra

    Role of NHRC in Protecting Right to Health

    International Journal of Academic Research,ISSN- 23487666 , 2014
  12. Dr.S.R.Mohapatra

    Legal Control of Drugs and Public Health

    International Journal of Legal Research,ISSN-23498463 , 2014
  13. Dr.S.R.Mohapatra

    Human Rights of Disabled Persons: A Critical Appraisal

    Research Explorer, 22501940 , 2014
  14. Dr.S.R.Mohapatra

    Public Health, AIDS and the Law

    International Journal of Research in Management , 2014