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Research Papers of → Home Science Department

  1. Dr.ChandrashreeLenka& Monika Satpathy

    Menopausal problems and its determinants:a comparative study in western Odisha, India.”

    IOSR Journal of Humanities and Social Science , 2020
  2. Dr.ChandrashreeLenka & Lipsa Dash

    Prevalence of eating disorders among college going girls-A study in Bhubaneswar City ,Odisha

    International Journal of Multidisciplinary Educational Research , 2020
  3. Dr.ChandrashreeLenka&SuraviSahu

    Health Assessment of Newborns by CAN Score-A Comprehensive Study

    Research Review International Journal of Multidisciplinary , 2020
  4. Dr.ChandrashreeLenka, TruptiPradhan, TriptiKumari

    Knowledge and Hygiene practice of Home Makers on Food Safety:A Comparative Study in Rourkela,Odisha

    International Journal of Applied Home Science , 2020
  5. Dr.ChandrashreeLenka, TruptiPradhan, TriptiKumari

    Role of Corporate Social Responsibilities in Women Empowerment

    International Journal of Applied Social Science , 2020
  6. Dr.ChandrashreeLenka & Lipsa Dash

    Risk factors associated with depression level of college going girls-A psycho social analysis

    International Journal of Research and Analytical Review , 2020
  7. Dr.ChandrashreeLenka & SuraviSahu

    Food Intake of Expectant Mothers and its association with birth weight of Newborns

    International Journal of Multidisciplinary Educational Research , 2020
  8. Dr.ChandrashreeLenka

    A study on reproductive health care and hygiene practice of adolescence girls in Haldia Town of West Bengal.

    IOSR Journal of Nursing and Health Science , 2020
  9. Dr.ChandrashreeLenka & Anita Pandey

    "Impact of cartoon watching on overall development of school going children: a case study in Bhubaneswar city, Odisha".

    International Journal of Applied Research , 2020
  10. Dr.ChandrashreeLenka & SuraviSahu

    Risk factors associated with maternal health parameters & its impact on newborns birth weight

    ANGARU Research Journal , 2020
  11. Dr.ChandrashreeLenka, TruptiPradhan, TriptiKumari

    Fortification of cake with chickpea flour as a protein enhancer

    ANGARU Research Journal , 2020
  12. Mrs TruptiPradhan

    Environmental awareness and waste disposal practices of Home makers of Jyotivihar campus of Sambalpur University.

    International Journal of Creative Research Thoughts , 2018
  13. Ms Lipsa Dash

    A study on job satisfaction of Anganwadi workers in Bargarh District of Odisha

    International Journal of Applied Social Science , 2018
  14. Ms Lipsa Dash

    Impact of mining on socio economic and health status of indigenous people-A case study of Keonjhar.

    International Journal of Applied Social Science , 2018
  15. Dr.ChandrashreeLenka & SwagatikaSundarrai

    Food Habits and Nutritional Profile Of Menopausal Women-A Study in Urban Area

    International Journal of Food Science & Nutrition , 2018
  16. Dr.ChandrashreeLenka & Jhulana Rani Behera

    Attitude of Adolescent Girls towards Marriage and Family Life

    National Journal of Multidisciplinary Research & Development , 2018
  17. Dr.ChandrashreeLenka

    Nutritional Analysis of some Uncommon Vegetables of Odisha.

    International Journal of Food Science & Nutrition , 2018
  18. Dr.ChandrashreeLenka & Anita Pandey

    Role of Rag pickers in Municipal Solid Waste Management-A case study in Bhubaneswar city ,Odisha

    International Journal of Scientific Research and review , 2018