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Departments → Earth Science


  • Teacher
    Dr. Shreerup Goswami
  • Designation
    Professor & Head
  • Qualification
    M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D., D.Sc.

The mission of the Department of Earth Sciences is to create and impart knowledge in both pure and applied geology to society through teaching, research and extension services for sustainable development. Our passion for geology has been translated into outstanding teaching and research since 1984. The teachers of our department make use of all scientific disciplines to advance knowledge of Earth System Sciences. As our University is located in the heart of mineral rich Precambrian and Gondwana belt of western Odisha, it is not surprising that we focus on the coal geology, water resource management, ore geology, petrology, palaeontology, geospatial technology through the depth and resilience created by our teachers. The Department has a diverse group of faculty with expertise in all areas of geology. We offer M.Sc. in Applied Geology, M.Tech. in Geospatial Technology, M.Phil. in Applied Geology, Ph.D. in both Geology and Remote Sensing & GIS. We also offer PG Diploma in Remote Sensing & GIS. The Department has continued to grow in staff- student numbers, in physical facilities, as well as in broadening and advancing academic programmes. It is our exclusive mission to become a top-10 Indian Earth Science Department through empowered and inspired teaching and innovative and impactful research. Our programs use scientific principles and methods to understand earth, environment, and life on a regional and planetary scale. We endow students with diverse opportunities to experience the joy of learning and the excitement of discovery. Moreover, interdisciplinary study among researchers of the department is common and encouraged. Our investigations try hard to advance the fundamental understanding of geological phenomena utilizing combinations of analytical, experimental, computational, and observational tools to build knowledge of geologic materials and processes, elucidate the evolutionary progression of life, interpret records of Earth's history and climate, characterize its natural resources, and assess the environmental impact of human activities. Post graduate students from our department have gone on to myriad careers, occupying leadership positions in industry, government, and academia. Alumni have forged careers at different universities, Geological Survey of India, different public sectors and private sectors and numerous environmental consulting, natural resources, and energy companies throughout the India and abroad. Foremost the Department has continued to offer unique services in the areas of national interest in groundwater monitoring, pollution monitoring as well as in mineral resource studies and research. Currently the Department is in the process of establishing a state-of the art GIS & Remote Sensing Laboratory. Recently, there have been novel advances in the field of geological sciences that have significantly advanced our knowledge. In tandem with this development there has been great improvements in the approach, methodology and techniques used to study the geology. Such methodological advances include the use of sophisticated tools and instruments. Despite lack of some sophisticated equipment in the Department, the academic staffs have remained on the cutting edge of research, employing such tools through intensive collaboration with other universities, the industry, and research institutions. Hence, there is the need to expand and enhance the geological sciences programmes and facilities to meet these emerging developments. The Department is therefore, welcomes you all who are keen to advance knowledge in earth system sciences through studies and research for a better planet Earth.

Sl.No Facilities
1 Building-8000 sq ft
2 Smart Class Rooms
3 i. Research Labaratory,
ii. Geospatial Laboratory,
iii. Microscope Laboratory,
iv. Water Geo-chemistry Laboratory,
v. Rock cutting, grinding and mineral processing Laboratory
4 Computer Labaratory
5 Major Equipements Available
Research Microscopes, Spectrophotometer, Flame Photometers, pH meters, Conductivity meter, Water Analyser Kit, Fluoride Meter, Double Distillation Plant, Resistivity Meter, Ball Mill, Section Cutting Unit, Grinding and Polishing Unit, Sieve Shaker, Ion Analyser, GPS etc.
6 Museum (Rocks, Minerals, Fossils, Crystal Models, Geomorphic Models, Structure Models, Silicate Structure Models, Crystal Lattice Models etc.) 
7 Seminar Library(around 500 books and number of Journals.) 
8 e-Library(Around 10,000 books)