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S.N.  Title Publish Date Expiry Date Download
1 Tender Num.: 832/Store
Quotation for Chemicals, Reagents & Glassware
13-02-2019 25-02-2019
At 02:00 PM
2 Tender Num.: 779/JE (Civil)
Corrigendum notice for Construction of boundary wall & CC flooring of Qr. No.C/13 C/14
09-02-2019 20-02-2019 download
3 Tender Num.: 782/JE (Cvil)
Urgent replacement of submersible pump & cable of IB Boys Hostel
11-02-2019 20-02-2019
At 12:00 Noon
4 Tender Num.: 770/Store
Quotation for supply of Different Items for CCC of University
09-02-2019 21-02-2019 download
5 Tender Num.: 671/Store
Quotation for supply of Furniture/LED TV to Hostels
05-02-2019 21-02-2019
At 02:00 PM
Tender Call Notice for Repair of Pipeline
08-02-2019 12-02-2019
At 12.00 PM
Tender Call Notice for Construction for boundary wall & CC Flooring
08-02-2019 09-02-2019
At 12.00 PM
8 Tender Num.: 558/JE(civil)
Tender call Notice for PWD Registered Contractors for the Work Shifting of 10 no of Section in old AB
04-02-2019 09-02-2019
At 12.00 PM
9 Tender Num.: 628/maint
Quotation Call Notice for Supply of 90-watt LED Street Light
04-02-2019 12-02-2019
At 2.00 PM
Quotation Call Notice for NBHM Books
04-02-2019 15-02-2019
At 3.00 PM
11 Tender Num.: 364/PGCH
Advertisement for Research Fellow & Quotation Call Notice for Chemistry Department, SU
28-01-2019 13-02-2019
At 03:00 PM
12 Tender Num.: 266/Store
Quotation call notice for equipment, chemicals, furniture, fixtures etc for world bank funded OHEPEE COE(NPT & RDTS) and CIF.
22-01-2019 25-02-2019
At 04.00 PM
13 Tender Num.: 035/Lib
Short Quotation Call Notice for Print and supply of quarterly Odia Magazine "SAPTARSHI" & Envelope for Central Library
17-01-2019 25-01-2019
At 02.00 PM
14 Tender Num.: 37/Lib Dated 02.01.2019
Short quotation call notice for printing & supply of quarterly odia magazine SAPTARSHI & Envelope for Central Library, SU
07-01-2019 25-01-2019
At 02:00 PM
15 Tender Num.: 088
Quotation call notice for comprehensive AMC of HP computers with peripherals installed
01-01-2019 15-01-2019
At 12.00 PM
16 Tender Num.: 02/PGLS
Quotation Call Notice for Supply of some items for M.Sc Micro biology(SF) and School of Life Sciences Department
03-01-2019 25-01-2019
At 5 PM
17 Tender Num.: 7261/store
quotation call notice for supply of server/desktio/laptop/computer accessories and its related items/furnitures/ac/water cooler cumpurifier/electronics & electrical items
13-12-2018 22-12-2018 download
18 Tender Num.: 7124/Store
Tender for Providing Catering Services
06-12-2018 19-12-2018
At 1 PM
19 Tender Num.: 7/27 /JE(Civil)
Tender Notice for Providing Tent Service
05-12-2018 19-12-2018
At 1 PM
20 Tender Num.: 6826/store
Corrigendum to short quotation call notice no 6826/store dtd 15.11.2018,"Quotation for supply of Commercial Water Cooler cum Purifier"
03-12-2018 10-12-2018 download
21 Tender Num.: 318/FSTN
quotation call notice for funitures, computers and peripherals, consumables, chemicals, scientific equipments
26-11-2018 07-12-2018
At 3:00 pm
22 Tender Num.: 6826/Store
Supply of Commercial Water Cooler cum Purifier Machine
15-11-2018 03-12-2018
At 3:30 PM
23 Tender Num.: 6657/Store
Tender call notice for supply of scientific equipment for the department of physics
13-11-2018 24-11-2018 download
24 Tender Num.: 061/18-19/e-Gov
Restoration of OFC at multiple location of Sambalpur University
02-11-2018 08-11-2018
At 3:30 PM
25 Tender Num.: 6497/Store
Quotation Call Notice for Supply of Electrical Items
01-11-2018 09-11-2018
At 2 PM
26 Tender Num.: 59/18-19/e-Gov
supply and installation of computers and accessories (keyboard, mouse & necessary cords) at sambalpur university
13-10-2018 27-10-2018
At 12:00 PM
27 Tender Num.: 053/18-19/e-Gov
supply and installation of Antivirus Corporate Edition with network support at Sambalpur University
13-10-2018 27-10-2018
At 12:00 PM
28 Tender Num.: 346/ENS
Tender call notice for purchase of one item-UGC-BSR Start Up Grant
11-10-2018 25-10-2018
At 5.00 PM
29 Tender Num.: 202/PGM
Quotation call notice for manufacturing providing fitting of CR sheet windows CR sheet shutter
01-10-2018 04-10-2018
At 5:00 PM
30 Tender Num.: 562/PGCO
Details of Terms & Condition FOR SHORT QUOATION CALL NOTICE NO 562/PGCO
20-09-2018 28-09-2018
At 02:00 PM
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