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Research Papers of → English Department

S.N. Authors Title Journal Year
1 Sabita Tripathy Tracts for His Times: Bande Mataram and Sri Aurobindo's Anti-colonial Discourse. Author's Press Co-author Book ISBN-9352073029 2016
2 Ashok K Mohapatra Textual Transactions: Reading Damon Galgut's Artic Summer through E.M. Forster's A Passage to India .English Forum, Department of English, Gauhati University Journal ISSN- 22790446 2015
3 Aloka Patel Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe, Orient Black Swan Edited Book ( In press) 2015
4 Aloka Patel Between What We Know and What We Do Not Yet Know': Reading Alice Online Journal ISSN 1836-4845 2014
5 Ashok K Mohapatra "Postcolonial Nostalgia",Postcolonial Text, Canada Online Journal ISSN 1705-9100 2013
6 Ashok K Mohapatra "Paradox of Return", Contemporary Lit Criticism, Vol326, Gale: USA Book chapter ISSN-0091 3421 2012
7 RS Nanda, K Misra, A.K. Mohapatra, A Patel Remappings: An Anthology for Degree Class, Orient Black Swan Book ISBN- 9788-1250-47476. 2012
8 Ram Shankar Nanda Review Article: "Arvind Adiga: The Last Man in Tower".Sambalpur Studies in Literatures and Cultures. Series-II Journal ISSN-2231-5616 2012
9 Ashok K Mohapatra Social Exclusion in Postcolonial Fiction OPLC, English Dept, SU Monograph ISSN-2231-5624 2011
10 Ram Shankar Nanda "Language, Choice and the Question of Identity in the Comparative Study of Indian Literature"in Sambalpur Studies in Literatures and Cultures. Series 1 Journal ISBN-2231-5616 2010-11
11 Kalidas Misra Translations from Bhima Bhoi in The Mystic Poetry of an Oriya Saint. Eds. Bettina Baumer & Johannes Beltz. Delhi: Manohar. Book Chapter ISBN- 9788173048135 2010
12 Kalidas Misra Reflections ion Literature, Criticism and Theory. Pencraft International, Delhi. Book Chapter ISBN.8185753628 2009
13 Ashok K Mohapatra "Indian in a Global Space"The Global South Indiana University Press, USA Co-Edited Journal ISBN 19328648 2008
14 R.S. Mishra et al Six Acres and A Third, University of California Press. USA Book ISBN 0520228839 2007
15 M.S. Pati Gangadhar Meher Selected Works Sambalpur University, Aryan Book, Delhi Edited Book 9788173052125 2000