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Departments → Mathematics


  • HOD
    Dr. N.R. Satapathy
  • Designation
  • Qualification
    Ph. D

The Department of Mathematics was established in 1969 and has been contributing significantly to the mathematics education and cultivation in this part of the country. It is known by its alumni, who are teaching at all most all reputed National Institutes like IISc, NISER, IISER, Central Universities,  IIT’s, NIT’s  and other universities of the country. The eminent faculty members who have served in this institution are    Prof. G. Das, Prof. S. Pattanayak, Prof. B.B. Panda, Prof. (Mrs.) I. L. Sukla, Prof. C. K. Mohapatra, Late Prof. G. Mohanty,  Prof. R.N. Mohapatra, Prof. J. Sinharoy, Late Prof. (Mrs.) S.L.Mishra, Prof. A.K. Mishra, Prof. (Ms.) N.Das. It is a matter of great pride that Prof. Gadadhar Mishra, presently working in IISC, Bangalore was awarded prestigious  Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize, who is an alumnus of this department. Prof. C.K. Mohapatra initiated  organization of Mathematics Olympiad camp in the state and has organized many  Olympiad camps. MTTS O-level programme was also organized here.  The department got academic   autonomy in 1996. The course credit semester system was introduced in 1992.  The department offers courses in  M.A./M.Sc., M.Phil. and Ph.D. The present thrust areas of research in the department are Numerical Functional Analysis, Fourier Series, Geometric Functions Theory, Orthogonal Polynomials, Random Series of Functions, Differential Equations, Geometry of Hamiltonian systems. 

Sl.No Facilities Major Equipments availablet
1 the building is shared by both the Depts of Mathematics and Statistics.The Dept has its own Class rooms,Labarotories,Library and Colloquium 46 computer terminals in the Computer Laboratories
2 Colloquium 0f 200 Capacity Visualizer-1
3 Computer  laboratory-3 LCD Projector-3
4 Seminar Library Seminar Library cum Reading room: Seminar Library funded by NBHM having more than 7000 books with fully AC and WIFI connection, opens 9A.M. to 9 P.M.  Scanner-5
5 Class Rooms and Seminar  Room Equipmed with Wi-Fi Facility  ...................
6 Uninterrupted power supply to Laboratories, Library, Rooms and Corridor.   ....................


Overseas Countries Visited by the Faculty Members during the Last Five Year

Sl.No Name Country visited Purpose Period of visit
1  Dr A. K.Tripathy  Univ. of Latvia, Riga, Latvia  To deliver a talk in the 10th International conference on Progress on Difference Equations  17-20 May, 2016 
2 Dr. P. Gochhayat  ICTP, Trieste, Italy To participate in School and workshop in Complex Analysis, Geometry and Dynamics  23.09.2015 to 3.10.2015. d Dynamics 
3 Dr. P. Gochhayat   Cr. Cryil Methodous Univesity, Ohrid, Mecedonia, To deliver a talk in the International symposium of Geometric function theory and applications (GFTA2015) 24--27 August,  2015 
4 Dr. P. Gochhayat Shantou University, Shantou, China To deliver a talk in the International conference of Computational Methods and Functions Theory (CMFT2013) 10-14, June 2013 
5 Dr. P. Gochhayat University of Stellenbosch,  South Africa

To deliver a talk in the  Annual conference of South African Mathematical Society, held at during

30th Oct., 2012 to 2nd Nov., 2012 
6 Dr. A. K. Tripathy  University of Patras, Patras  To deliver a talk in the International conference on Differential Equations, Difference Equations and special functions 3—7 September, 2012 
7 Dr. P. Gochhayat University of Pretoria, Pretoria, South Africa Post Doctoral Research Work South Africa August 2012 to July 2014 


Placement Record of the Students,if any

  • The alumni of this department are well placed academically. Some have become Directors or Vice- Chancellors of various institutes and universities. Few students have done their PhD abroad and have settled in academics there.  Four are faculty member in IISER, ISI, NISER, MATSC etc. and six are faculty in IITS. More than 15 are working in NIT’s, State Universities and similar institutions. Hundreds have joined degree colleges and engineering colleges in the state as well as out side the state . Some have joined software industries, DRDO, etc.. This information  is not exhaustive.