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Mr. Shyam Sundar Santra (DST-INSPIRE Fellow, SRF) has awarded the prestigious Newton Bhabha fund

Published on 28-03-2018

Mr Shyam Sundar Santra (DST-INSPIRE Fellow, SRF) is working under the supervision of Dr A. K. Tripathy at Dept. of Mathematics, Sambalpur University. Recently, he has awarded the prestigious Newton Bhabha fund to work at University of Exeter, Exeter, South West England, London, UK during the period 5th June 2018 to 4th October 2018 funded jointly by Govt. of India and British Govt. As per the funding arrangement of the programme, DST (Govt. of India) will cover Visa fees, Economy class international airfares and overseas medical insurance, and British Govt. will cover in-country costs including accommodation and the monthly stipend of GBP1300. At the same time, the existing support of INSPIRE Fellowship to Mr Shyam Sundar Santra shall continue during this tenure of short-term research internship

Also, he went to deliver a talk as a plenary speaker in “International Conference of Numerical Analysis and Applied Mathematics 2016 (ICNAAM 2016)” held at Rodos Palace - Conference Centre, Rhodes, GREECE, during September 19 - 25, 2016, funded by Science and Engineering research board (DST) – Govt. of India.

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