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Research Papers of → Centre For Food Science & Technology (FST & FS) Department

  1. P. K. Nayak., Chandra mohan and K. Radha Krishnan

    Effect of microwave pre-treatment on the color degradation kinetics in Mustard Greens (Brassica juncea)

    Chemical Engineering Communications, Accepted, 2018 (Taylor & Francis) , 2018
  2. P Muthukumar, A Layek, DVN Lakshmi, PK Nayak,

    Drying kinetics and quality analysis of black turmeric (Curcuma caesia) drying in a mixed mode forced convection solar dryer integrated with thermal energy storage

    Renewable Energy, 2018 (Elesvier) , 2018
  3. Gitanjali Behera, K. Rayaguru, P. K. Nayak

    Effect of Microwave Blanching on Slice Thickness and Quality Analysis of Star Fruit

    Current Research in Nutrition and Food Science, 2017 , 2017
  4. Nayak, Prakash Kumar, and Kalpana Rayaguru

    Design, development and performance evaluation of elephant apple core cutter

    Journal of food science and technology, 2017 (Springer) , 2017
  5. Nayak Prakash Kumar, Uma Dash, and Kalpana Rayaguru

    Influence of elephant apple powder as an adsorbent in the regeneration of fried soybean oil: Process optimization studies

    Journal of Food Process Engineering, 2017 (Wiley) , 2017
  6. S.Pattanaik, N.K. Sinha & S.Parida

    Antibacterial effect of A. sativum and Z. officinale extracts on some urinary tract infections causing bacteria.”

    Vol. 5 no.8 (July 2017) , 2017
  7. S.Pattanaik, N.K.Sinha & S.Parida

    Use of Medicinal Plants for the Treatment of Urinary Tract Infections: A Study From Paschim Medinipur District, West Bengal, India

    Vol. 8 no.3 (July 2017) , 2017
  8. S.Parida

    Effect of Drying on Nutrition of Orange Leather Fortified with Orange Peel

    Vol. 3 no.3 (July-September, 2016) , 2016
  9. P. K. Nayak., K. Rayaguru. and K. Radha Krishnan

    Quality comparison of elephant apple juices after high-pressure processing and thermal treatment

    Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, 2016 (Wiley) , 2016
  10. Prakash Kumar Nayak, Uma Dash and Kalpana Rayaguru

    Quality assessment of mustard oil in deep fat frying

    Asian Journal of Dairy and Food Research, 2016 , 2016
  11. Prakash Kumar Nayak, Braja Kishori Mishra and Kalpana Rayaguru

    Study of Physical Parameters of Elephant Apple Fruit (Dillenia Indica): An Underutilized Fruit of North - Eastern India

    International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology, 2016 , 2016
  12. Nayak Kumar Prakash, Mohananda Shekhar Sudhanshu and Rayaguru Kalpana

    Physiochemical And Sensorial Properties Of Biscuits Prepared From Elephant Apple Powder Based Composite Flour

    International Journal of Agricultural Science, 2016 , 2016
  13. Prakash Kumar Nayak, Uma Dash, Kalpana Rayaguru and Keasvan Radha

    Physio-Chemical Changes During Repeated Frying Of Cooked Oil: A Review

    Journal of Food Biochemistry, 2015 (Wiley) , 2015
  14. S.Parida, Maboodurrahman, R.G Burbade

    Physico-Chemical and Microbiological study of chemically preserved Mango pulp

    Green Farming (International journal of Applied Agricultural and Horticultural Science) Vol. 5 no.1 (Jan.-Feb. 2014) , 2014
  15. R.G Burbade,S.Parida, M. Rahman,

    Effect of Heat treatment & Preservative on Quality Attributes of Grape Squash

    Green Farming (International journal of Applied Agricultural and Horticultural Science) Vol. 4 no.5 (Sep.-Oct,2013) , 2013
  16. S.Parida, Maboodurrahman

    Fat Replacers as a Food Additive

    Food and Beverage World journal Vol.40 no. 8(Aug. 2013) , 2013