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Result Sheet of MBA 3rd SEM. (DDCE) Examination, 2017 No.115/DDCE     Date:28.05.2019 View
Rescheduled the BCA Final Year, 2018 Examination No.095/DDCE     Date:10.05.2019 View
B.C.A Final Year Examination Programme 2018 No.1410/DDCE     Date:26.03.2019 View
Provisional Results of MBA 2nd Semester Examination, December-2017 No.1408/DDCE     Date:26.03.2019 View
Provisional Results of +3 Arts & Commerce (Hons/Pass) (DDCE) Final Examination, July-2016 No.1382/DDCE     Date:13.03.2019 View
Provisional Results of MBA First Semester Regular/back (DDCE) Examination, July-2017 No.1380/DDCE     Date:12.03.2019 View
Result Notification of MBA 1st & 2nd Sem, 2016. (DDCE-Examination) No.60/DDCE     Date:04.05.2018 View
Provisional Result of MBA Final Sem. (DDCE-Examination) DEC-2016 No.16/DDCE     Date:13.04.2018 View
BA 2nd Sem Resultsheet-july-2015 No.1422/DDCE     Date:28.02.2018 View
B.Com 4th Sem Resultsheet-july-2015 No.1420/DDCE     Date:28.02.2018 View
MBA 3rd Sem Resultsheet-july-2016 No.1418/DDCE     Date:28.02.2018 View
Examination Programme of DDCE No.1351/DDCE     Date:05.02.2018 View
BCA 2nd Year Resultsheet-2016 No.1282/DDCE     Date:27.01.2018 View
BCA 1st Year Resultsheet-2016 No.1280/DDCE     Date:27.01.2018 View
Result Notification of MCA 6th Semester (DDCE)-2015 No.1238/DDCE     Date:15.01.2018 View
Result Notification of MCA 4th Semester (DDCE) - 2015 No.1203/DDCE     Date:26.12.2017 View
Result Notification of MCA 3rd Semester (DDCE) - 2015 No.1201/DDCE     Date:26.12.2017 View
Result Notification of Arts and Commerce 6th Semester (DDCE) - 2015 No.1199/DDCE     Date:26.12.2017 View
Form Fillup Notification of DDCE, S.U. No.1197/DDCE     Date:26.12.2017 View
Resultsheet of MCA 5th Semester (DDCE) Exam-2015 No.1094/DDCE     Date:06.12.2017 View
Resultsheet of BA/ 5th Sem-2015 No.1082/DDCE     Date:01.12.2017 View
Exam Prog. of MCA 1st & 2nd Semester, 2015 No.772/DDCE     Date:16.10.2017 View
Result Notification of PGDCA (DDCE) Examination-2016 No.703/DDCE     Date:16.09.2017 View
Result Sheet of +3 Arts & Commerce 2nd Semester Examination July-2014 No.335/DDCE     Date:08.07.2017 View
Result Notification of BCA Final Year (DDCE) Examination, 2016 No.311/DDCE     Date:29.06.2017 View
Result Notification of MBA Final Sem. (DDCE) Examination, Dec-2015 No.294/DDCE     Date:22.06.2017 View
Provisional Results of MBA Second Semester Regular/Back(DE)Exam-Dec,2015 No.1324/DDCE     Date:30.03.2017 View
Provisional  Results of MBA First Semester Regular/Back(DE)Exam-July-2015 No.17.02.2017 View
Examination Programme of DDCE N111/DDCE Dt 8/2/2017 view
Provisional Results of +3 Arts/Sc/Com(Hons/Pass)DE Final Exam-July 2014 No.1059/DDCE  Date:28.01.2017 View
Provisional Results of +3 Arts and Commerce(hons & Pass) Fifth Semester(DE) Examination January-2014 No.95/DDCE     Date:22.12.2016 View
Provisional Results +3 Arts & Commerce(Hons/Pass)1st Semester(DE) Examination-January-2015 No.843/DDC      Date:10.12.2016 View
Public Notice DDCE.Sambalpur University Date:12.11.2016 View
Academic Calender-2017 For Distance Education Programme,Sambalpur University No.778/DDCE  Date:26.11.2016 View
Provisional Results MCA 2nd Semester(DE) Examination-2014 No.668/DDCE  Date:26.10.2016 View
Provisional Results BCA 1st Year(DE)Examination-2015 No.670/DDCE  Date.26.10.2016 View
Provisional Results For +3 Arts & Commerce(hons/pass) 3rd Sem Jan-2014 No.491/DDCE  Date:26.09.2016 View
Provisinal Results For +3 Arts and Commerce(pass/hons) 4th Sem Exam, July 2013 No.336/DDCE  Date:30.07.2016 View
Provisional Result of MBA(DE) Final Semester Examination,Dec-2014 No.314/DDCE  Date:26.07.2016 View
Provisional Rsults of MCA Fifth Semester Regular/Back(DE)Exam-2014 No.259(5)/DDCE  Date:16.07.2016 View
Provisional Rsults of MBA Third Semester Regular/Back(DE)Exam-July 2014 No.220/DDCE Date:25.06.2016 View
Examination Programmme DDCE,Sambalpur University No.186/DDCE  Date:01.06.2016 View
Admission Notification For on-campus Courses 2015-2016 of DDCE,Sambalpur University   View
Prospectus For on-campus Courses 2015-2016  under DDCE,Sambalpur University   View
 Examination Programme For BA/B.Com(Pass/Hons),DDEC,Sambalpur University No.1333/DDCE Date:01.03.2016  View
Course Fee For Differenet Courses under DDCE,Sambalpur University No.1287/DDCE   Date:25.02.2016 View
Examination Programme for B.A./B. Com. (Pass & Hons) Course under Semester System   View
SBI  Challan   View
 UCO Challan    View
Prospectus   BA, B.Com (Pass & Hons) 2015-2016   View
Prospectus For Computer Courses 2015-2016   View
Prospectus For MBA 2015-2016   View
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