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Research Papers of Library & Information Science Department
S.N. Authors Title Journal Year
1 Maharana, B., Majhi, S & Tripathy, P Gender Equality and Differences in Library and Information Science in Odisha (India) Indian Journal of Library & Information Science. 10(1); 5-12 ISSN: 2016
2 Majhi, S, Jal, C & Maharana, B. Content analysis of Journal articles on Wiki in Science Direct Database. Library Philosophy & Practice. Paper#1331 International ISSN 1522-0222 Indexed in SCOPUS 2016
3 Sethi, B.B., Maharana, B. & Mohanty, B.K. Research Publication Trend of Two Periodicals, “Political Geography” and “Religion”: A Bibliometric Perception Library Philosophy & Practice, Paper#1277 International ISSN 1522-0222 Indexed in SCOPUS. 2015
4 Majhi, S., Meher, S. & Maharana, B. Awareness and usage of Cloud Computing Application among LIS Professionals: A case study of 17 Indian University Libraries Library Philosophy & Practice. Paper #1280. International ISSN: 1522-0222 Indexed in SCOPUS 2015
5 Maharana, B, Baghel, I & Majhi, S. Dimensions of Scientometric research in India (2000-2012): A Bibliometric Study Indian Journal of Library & Information Science. 9 (2), p. 125-132 National ISSN: 0973-9548 2015
6 Maharana, B, Pati, B. & Majhi, S. Embedded Librarianship in universities for fostering learning, research and extension Indian Journal of Library & Information Science. 9(2), p. 163-168, National ISSN: 0973-9548 2015
7 Sethi, B. B., Sahoo, J. & Mohanty, B. A Bibliometric Sketch on Environmental Science Literature with special reference to India Library Philosophy & Practice Paper #1174 International ISSN 1522-0222 Indexed in SCOPUS 2014
8 Majhi, S, Maharana, B. & Nayak, S Academic, Public and Special Libraries on Facebook: A Content Analysis PEARL: A Journal of Library & Information Science, 8 (3); p. 177-183National ISSN: 0973-7081 2014
9 Dash, N. K., Sahoo, J. And Mohanty, B. Library Anxiety among Students: A Case Study of Silicon Institute of Technology. International Journal of Libnship & Admn.5, (3), p. 207-225 International ISSN 2231-1300 2013
10 Mohanty, B., Sahoo Jyotshna, Sethi, B.B., Dash N.K.& Padhi, P Publication pattern of MIS literature: An analysis of MISQ Journal. International Journal of Librarianship & Admn. 5 (1) p. 1-13 International ISSN 2231-1300 2013
11 Chhatar, D. C. Maharana, B. & Majhi, S The Journal of Information Literacy: A Bibliometric Study Indian Journal of Library & Information Science.8 (2), 171-179 National ISSN: 0973-9548 2012
12 Majhi, S, Maharana, B. & Singh, K. ). Growth and Development of Literature in the field of Web 2.0: A Bibliometric Study Indian Journal of Library & Information Science. 8 (3), p. 381-389 National ISSN: 0973-9548 2012
13 Sahoo, J, B. Mohanty, B. & Dash, N.K. Indian Manuscript Heritage and the Role of National Mission for Manuscripts Library Philosophy& Practice, Paper # 984 International ISSN 1522-0222 Indexed in SCOPUS 2012
14 Majhi, S & Maharana, B. Research Productivity of Physical Science Disciplines in Sambalpur University (Orissa): A Scientometric Study Researchers World. III (4-1), p. 108-115, International ISSN: 2231-4172 2012
15 Sahoo S and Panda KC A Deductive Approach To Select or Rank Journals in Multifaceted Subject-Oceanographhy Scientometrics 92: 609-619 ISSN: 0138-9130 2012
16 Sethi BB and Panda KC Growth and Nature of International LIS research: An Analysis of two journals The International Information and Library Review (IILR). 44: 86-99. ISSN: 1057-2317 2012
17 Maharana, B, Murmu, S & Majhi, S Motivation of library personnel in engineering college libraries in Bhubaneswar, Orissa (India). Indian Journal of Library & Info. Science. 6 (1), p. 5-14, National ISSN: 0973-9548 2012
18 Dora, M & Maharana, B. ). Driving on the Green Road: Self Archiving Research for Open Access in India. Library Philosophy & Practice. Paper # 785 International ISSN: 1522-0222 Indexed in SCOPUS 2012
19 Sethi BB, Panda KC Use of E-Resources by the Life Scientists: A Case Study of Sambalpur University, India. Library Philosophy and Practice : International ISSN 1522-0222 Indexed in SCOPUS 2011
20 Swain DK and Panda KC Journal of Intellectual Property Rights,2002-2010: A Bibliometric Study. Chinese Librarianship: an International Electronic Journal,33 ISSN- 1089-4667 2012
21 Ghosh TK and Panda KC Automated Serials Control at the IIT: An Over view. Program: Electronic Library and Information System, 45(2): 173-184. 2011
22 Maharana, R.K., Panda, K.C. & Sahoo J. Web Impact factor (WIF) and Link Analysis of Indian Institute of Technologies(IITs):A Webometric Study Library Philosophy& Practice. Paper # 789 2011 International ISSN 1522-0222 Indexed in SCOPUS 2011
23 Sethi, B. B., Maharana, B. & Thaty, R S. R. Ranganathan’s Laws in Virtual Library Environment: Are they still relevant? IASLIC Bull. 56 (3), p. 169-180 National ISSN: 0018-844. 2011
24 Panda, J. Mohanty, B. & Sahoo, J. Mapping of Publication Pattern of IASLIC Bulletin: A decade’s Analysis (2000-2009) IASLIC Bulletin, Vol.56, No.3, p. 234-243 National ISSN.0018-8441 2011
25 Sethi, B. B. & Maharana, B. Web visibility of National Institutes of Technology (NITs) in India: A Webometric Study International Journal of Library & Info. Science. 2 (1), p. 1-16. International ISSN.0018-8441 2011
26 Sagar, R, Maharana, B & Techataweewan, W. Future Trends in E-Learning Technologie ISST Journal of Advances in Librarianship. 2 (1), p. 55-59, National ISSN: 0976-9021 2011
27 Sagar, R, Maharana, B & Sharma, J Impact of E-Book Technology on modern libraries. Dronacharya Research Journal. III (I), p. 23-26, National ISSN: 0975-3389. 2011
28 Majhi, S. & Maharana, B. Familiarity of Web 2.0 and its application in learning: A Case Study of two Indian Universities International Journal of Library & Information Science. 3 (6), p. 120-129 International ISSN: 2141-2537. 2011
29 Maharana, B, Das, S. & Majhi, S. Research Productivity of agricultural scientists of Central Rice Research Institute (CRRI), Cuttack: A Study Indian Journal of Information Sources and Services. 1 (1), p. 60-65. (National: ISSN: 2231-6094) 2011
30 Maharana, B, Majhi, S. & Sethi, B. B. Citation Analysis of top research papers in Chemistry with specific reference to India. Library Review. (Emerald), 60 (6), p. 501-512 (International: ISSN: 0024-2535 2011
31 Ghosh, T. K. & Panda, K. C. Collection Development and Access to Serials in the Central Library of IITs in India. Library Collections, Acquisitions, and Technical Services.34, p. 45-50 (International: ) 2010
32 Mishra P. N. & Panda K. C. Citation Analysis and Research Impact of National Metallurgical Laboratory, India during 1972-2007: A Case Study. Malaysian J of Library and Information Science, 15(1), p. 91-113. (International: ISSN: 1394-6234) 2010
33 Maharana, B, Mishra, S & Sethi, B. B. Evaluation of Chemistry Journals at IIT Kharagpur (India): A Study of their usage and Citation Analysis PEARL. 4 (3), p. 205-211. (National: ISSN: 0973-7081) 2010
34 Maharana, B, Sethi, B. B & Behera, S. Use of Internet and E-resources by the students of business management: A Survey of P. G. students of Business Administration, Sambalpur University, India Internationa Journal of Library & Info. Science. 2(3), p. 45-53. (International: ISSN: 2141-2537) 2010
35 Sagar, R & Maharana, B Total Quality Management in Libraries in 21st Century Organization. Lingaya’s Journal of Professional Studies. 2 (2), p. 61-65 ISSN: 0975-539X 2010
36 Maharana, B, Sethi, B.B. & Mallick, P. K Usage of Electronic Information Resources and services in IIT, Kharagpur Library: A Survey. Indian Journal of Library & Information Science. 4 (1), p. 25-32. ISSN: 0973-9548 2010
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