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The central library houses a wide range of resources, which includes more than 136955 books, about 2600 theses, about 14323 bound volumes, 260 CDs and 4 Newspapers.


The e-resources subscribed through E-ShodhSindhu Consortium can be browsed by clicking the following links.

Sl No. E-Resources URL No. of Journals Link to Subscribed List
1 American Chemical Society 49 Journals List
2 American Institute of Physics 19 Journals List
3 American Physical Society 13 Journals List
4 Annual Reviews 43 Journals List
5 Economic & Political Weekly 1 Journals List
6 Emerald Univ Collection (133 titles) 133 Journals List
7 Institute of Physics 45 Journals List
8 JSTOR 3165 Journals List
9 Nature 1 Journals List
10 Oxford University Press 262 Journals List
11 Project Muse 676 Journals List
12 Proquest Database - -
13 Royal Society of Chemistry 29 Journals List
14 Science Direct (10 Subject Collection) 1036 Journals List
15 Springer Link 1438 Journals List
16 Taylor and Francis 1079 Journals List
17 Wiley Blackwell Publishing 908 Journals List
1 Institute for Studies in Industrial Development (ISID) Database    
2 JGate Plus (JCCC)    
3 Web of Science    
1 World e-Book Library    
2 South Asia Archive (SAA)    


Prof. B. B. Central Library brings out ‘Saptarshi’, the quarterly Odia magazine, published by Sambalpur University since 1969 with the ISSN 0973–3264
Subscription Information
Price per issue – Rs 40.00
Annual Subscription (with postage) – Rs. 200.00
Life Subscription (Institution) – Rs. 3000.00
Life Subscription (Personal) – Rs 1500.00

  • Subscription can be paid in the form of a Demand Draft payable to ‘The Production Officer, Saptarshi, Sambalpur University payable at State Bank of India, Jyoti Vihar branch, Burla – 768019.
  • The demand draft may be sent to -

Production Officer, Saptarshi,
C/O Librarian, Prof B Behera Central Library
Sambalpur Universsity
Jyoti Vihar
Burla – 768019
Sambalpur (Odisha)

Instructions for Contributors

  • The following types of literary works, in Odia as well as Sambalpuri-Kosali, shall be considered for publication in Saptarshi : short stories, poems, one act plays, essays, criticisms, satires, travelogues, biographical essays, popular scientific essays, research papers, translated works, book reviews etc.;
  • The contribution should be written neatly with clear handwriting on one side of A4 size paper, duly paginated;
  • There is no provision to return the works not selected for publication;
  • If the work, sent by an author, is not published in four successive issues, he/she may send the work to another magazine;
  • The Editorial Committee is in no way responsible for the opinions/ideas reflected in the literary works published in Saptarshi;
  • The contributor must give his/her full address along with e-mail id and telephone number to enable the officials and editors of Saptarshi to communicate, if required;
  • Contributions for publication may be sent to:

Managing Editor, Saptarshi,
C/O Librarian, Prof B Behera Central Library,
Sambalpur University,
Jyoti Vihar, Burla - 768019,
Sambalpur (Odisha)