About Central Library

About the Library

Established in the year 1970, Prof. B. Behera Central Library aims at selecting, acquiring, storing, retrieving and disseminating information for the benefit of academic community of Sambalpur University. To achieve this aim the Library acquires books, national and international periodicals, reports and theses etc and also builds up information services for its users.


The following categories of people are entitled to use the Library on enrolling themselves as members:

  1. Teachers working in PG Departments at Jyoti Vihar and teachers of constituent college(s) of Sambalpur University;
  2. An institution under the jurisdiction of Sambalpur University;
  3. Registered Research Scholars, JRFs, SRFs, PDFs and Project Fellows working at Jyoti Vihar. (Off-campus scholars may avail the library facility through their parent institutions if they are institutional members);
  4. All students of University PG Departments at Jyoti Vihar;
  5. The regular non-teaching employees of the University working at Jyoti Vihar as well as in constituent college (s);

Any other individual (including retired teachers of PG Departments of Jyoti Vihar) / institution / organization, pursuing or conducting scholarly investigation or research, subject to the permission of the Vice-Chancellor.

A person or organization intending to avail library facility shall apply for registration using a prescribed form. (The Library membership form can be downloaded from here).
Registration Fee
All members shall pay a non-refundable registration fee of Rs.50/- at the time of enrolment.
Library Fee
Individual members falling under the categories 3, 4 and 6, in addition to their registration fee, shall pay a sum of Rs. 50/- per annum as Library Fee, which is not refundable. Institutional members (category 2 & 6) have to pay a non refundable annual fee of Rs.1000/- per annum.
Security Deposit
Individual members falling under category 6 shall pay an additional sum of Rs.2000/-, refundable after obtaining library clearance, as security deposit.
Membership Renewal
To enjoy uninterrupted library service, a member, when his/her/its membership expires, can apply for renewal by paying the requisite amount of Library Fee. However, if membership is not renewed within one year of expiry of membership, a person or institution has to enrol himself/herself/itself as a new member.

Circulation Policy

Issue Limits
Maximum number of books to be issued against various categories of members at a given time shall be as under:
Faculties and Research Scholars of the institution – 5
PG & MPhil Students - 4
Others - 2
Institutions - 10
Special Case: Teachers and Research Scholars of Jyoti Vihar engaged in some specialized field of research may be issued a further number of books, not exceeding five, with the written permission of the Librarian, for a specified period.
Transfer: Books and Readers’ Tickets are not transferable.

Return, Renewal, Retention Fee, Loss of books, Recall
Period of loan: A member can retain a book for a period of 30 days from the date of issue.
Renewal: A book borrowed may be renewed, not more than twice, provided that there is no demand for the book. Borrowers wishing to renew a book shall physically produce the book at the counter at the time of renewal.
Overdue Charges: A retention fee of Rs 0.25 per day per book subject to a minimum of Re 1/- or its multiple, will be charged if the item borrowed is not returned on or before the due date.
Overdue Reminder: If a book is not returned by a borrower after one month from the due date of return, necessary steps will be taken by the library to remind the borrower to return the same. If it is still not returned, further reminders, at an interval of not more than one month, will be sent until the book is returned.
Long Overdue: If a book is not returned by a borrower after two months (six months for teachers and employees of the University) from the due date of return, it will be treated as lost and steps will be taken to recover the replacement cost of the book(s) in addition to handling charges and retention fee, if any.
Loss of Borrowed Materials: Loss of book(s) or any other material borrowed from the library must be immediately reported to the Librarian. The borrower shall either replace the lost book with an undamaged copy of the same or pay the replacement cost along with handling charges and retention fee, if any, as per Rules.
Replacement Cost: The replacement cost, which shall be reviewed and changed suitably by the Library Committee, for lost or damaged books shall be calculated as follows

Type of book Replacement Cost
Books published during or before 1970 5 times the cost of the book as per the rate recorded in the accession register
Books published during the period 1971 - 1980 4 times the cost of the book as per the rate recorded in the accession register
Books published during the period 1981 - 1990 3 times the cost of the book as per the rate recorded in the accession register
Books published during the period 1991 - 2000 2 times the cost of the book as per the rate recorded in the accession register
Books published during or after 2001 Cost of the book as per the rate recorded in the accession register

Handling Charges: 10 % of the replacement cost will be realized towards handling charges.
Recall: If required, the Librarian may request a member to return any book borrowed by him/her before the due date. Whenever the University decides to verify the stock of the Library, the Librarian may recall for specified period, books issued to the borrowers in any manner he deems fit, regardless of the period of loan.

Library Hours

Text Book Reading Room - 08 AM to 08 PM.
All other Sections - 11 AM to 05 PM on all working days.

Code of Conduct
1. No loud conversation or group discussions are allowed in the library.
2. Laptop computer if used in the library must have their own power and cable connector.
3. No food or drink is allowed in the library.
4. Borrowing materials without a valid membership / identity number is prohibited. No one will be permitted to use another member ID no. / name to borrow materials.
5. Do not reshelf books, periodicals, etc. Leave them on the tables properly after use.
6. Please take your personal belongings with you when exiting the library. The library is not responsible for any item left in the library.
7. Do not attempt to install any unauthorised software on the PCs.

Floor Plan of the Library

Library Committee

The Library Committee shall consist of the following members:

a. Vice- Chancellor (Ex-Officio Chairman)
b. Registrar (Member)
c. Prof. In-Charge, Library (Member)
d. Comptroller of Finance (Member)
e. Librarian (Ex-officio Member-Secretary)
f. Six members appointed by the Academic Council
g. Three Heads of the P.G. Departments of Sambalpur University, Jyoti Vihar nominated by the Vice-Chancellor.

Library Team



   Prof. Bulu Maharana

M.A. (Eco), M.L.I.Sc.
M.Phil, Ph.D.

Prof.- In-Charge & Professor of Library and Information Science

Mentor of the Central Library

9438439068 / 8327789475


Dr. Nilaranjan Barik
Dr. Nilaranjan Barik

UGC-NET, M.Phil, Ph.D.


Overall Supervision of the Central Library

librarian@suniv.ac.in /


Sh. Srinivas Puala 
Sh. Srinivas Puala

UGC-NET, M.Phil,
 (Ph.D. Pursuing)

Assistant Librarian

Acquisition, Technical  Processing & Publication Section



9439187724 / 8327724450


Sh. Ajay Kumar Sahu
Sh. Ajay Kumar Sahu


Assistant Librarian
(LR Law College)

Overall Supervision of the Law College Library




Dr. Braja Bihari Panda
Dr. Braja Bihari Panda

M.A., Ph.D.

Section Officer

Office File Management



Sh. Bipin Bihari Sethi
Sh. Bipin Bihari Sethi

M.L.I.Sc., UGC-NET, M.Phil,

Professional Assistant

Circulation Section



Sh. Surendra Kumar Hota
Sh. Surendra Kumar Hota


Professional Assistant

Text Book Section



Cresencia Tete
Mrs. Cresencia Tete


Technical Assistant

Circulation Section



Sh. Bikash Kalet Sh. Bikash Kalet


Library Attendant

Text Book Section



  Sh. Pradip Kumar Chhatar
Sh. Pradip Kumar Chhatar


Library Attendant

Circulation Section



Sh. Prabodh Kumar Mishra
Sh. Prabodh Kumar Mishra


Library Attendant

Reference Section



Mrs. Mita Mahanand
Mrs. Mita Mahanand